One of the Top Dentists in Greenville, SC on Kids and Tooth Brushing

If they forgo this vital hygiene routine, however, they will develop carries that can cause tooth aches and even premature tooth loss. If you’re dealing with a reluctant brusher, Dr. Trey Kenna—one of the leading dentists in Greensville, SC and owner of the Downtown Dental practice—offers the following tips to frustrated parents:

Don’t Make It a Pre-Bedtime Ritual

For many kids, brushing their teeth is the last thing they do before hitting the sack. Sometimes, though, they dawdle along this task not because they dislike brushing but because they dread the moment when you turn off the lights. To avoid this, have them brush their teeth shortly after dinner instead (and remind them that the bogeyman doesn’t exist).


A Greenville, SC Emergency Dentist Should Address These Symptoms ASAP

Cavities are a common reason to see a dentist. Unfortunately, many people only go to their dentists when the damage has already become extensive. It’s quite sad since many dental problems can be reversed if experienced dentists in Greenville, SC can treat the problem easily while it’s in its early stages. With that in mind, here are some dental problems that you should never ignore:

A severe toothache that suddenly disappears

Toothaches are a major nuisance, so shouldn’t you be happy when they disappear? Honestly, you shouldn’t be. Severe toothaches occur because tooth decay is starting to irritate the nerves deep within your tooth. When the pain suddenly disappears, it is likely that the rot has killed the nerve. This problem should be brought to the attention of a trusted emergency dentist in Greenville, SC like Dr. Trey Kenna as the decay can easily spread to other teeth.

Pediatric Dentists in Greenville, SC: The Need to Visit a Reliable One

Dr. Martin of the Pediatrics Associates in Easley advised a comprehensive checkup for children to get them ready for school. A list of action items would include visits to established dentists in Greenville, SC. Though there are many dentists in the area, it is imperative that parents look for a practice that also attends to children.

Just like adults, children are prone to forming cavities. Most of the time, they also tend to ignore their oral health, exposing them to even more dental threats. Once cavities form and are left unattended in children’s teeth, tooth decay can easily follow and have long-term consequences that can affect them well into adulthood.

Finding Reliable Dentists in Greenville, SC Prior to Medicaid Boost

With South Carolinians still awaiting the approval of the Medicaid boost that would grant “limited access to preventive and emergency dental services,” it is crucial to find reliable dentists in Greenville, SC who are capable of providing quality services.

One of the first things to look for in a dental practice is how comprehensive their services are. People experience different dental issues and concerns, and finding a practice that can attend to a wide range of problems will certainly help immensely. For example, a person suffering from nagging toothaches may have to consult an emergency dentist in Greenville, SC to address the problem and prevent further complications. There are also patients who require a higher level of dental cleaning such as teeth whitening, which local practices such as Downtown Dental can address accordingly.

Broken Tooth First-Aid until Greenville SC Emergency Dentist Arrives

When your tooth gets chipped from an accident, and help from trusty dentists in Greenville, SC or other locales isn’t immediately available, what can you do? Here are a few first-aid tips.

When a tooth cracks, rinse your mouth immediately with warm water, and make sure to retrieve the broken piece, and rinse that, as well. If the area is bleeding, apply a piece of gauze to the area for about 10 minutes, or until the bleeding stops. A cold compress to the outside of the mouth (or on the cheek or lip area near the chipped tooth) is also highly recommended. The cold compress temporarily keeps the swelling at bay, while relieving the pain. Make an appointment with your dentist immediately.

The Dentists in Greenville, SC Pushes for Early Oral Health Training

Acquaint kids with the dentist at an early age – As soon as the first tooth emerges, parents are advised to have their child see an accredited pediatric dentist around Greenville, SC or elsewhere. The purpose of doing so is to make the child feel that regular visits to dentists are a part of one’s health regimen while growing up, and that exposure early on ensures that the child accepts and feels comfortable with these visits. In the long run, as studies have pointed out, regularly seeing your dentist is more cost-effective as it can save you as much as 40 per cent in procedures over time, compared to seeing your dentist only occasionally for treatment.

Dentists in Greenville, SC: Tooth Decay was Rampant in Early Humans

One huge advantage of a regular dental visit is that it allows you to ask a dental professional if you are applying the right dental hygiene techniques or using the right products. Whenever your appointment nears, jot down a list of items you want to check with your dentist, including the toothbrush, toothpaste, or floss that you’re using. If you’re feeling any oral discomfort or pain, don’t let it fester. Visit an emergency dentist in Greenville, SC, immediately.

Don’t be like the people of old. Make sure your teeth are always clean, free of food debris, and in good condition with the help of good oral hygiene and regular visits to a dependable dental office like Downtown Dental.

Pediatric Dentist in Greenville, SC: The Growing Problem of Bruxism

In most cases, bruxism is a short-term issue that has no lasting side effects. If the condition persists, however, your child may start to feel headaches, earaches, jaw aches, sleep disruption, swollen gums, and damage to his teeth. If you notice your child grinds his teeth for an extensive time period, talk to a pediatric dentist in Greenville, SC immediately.

In severe cases when bruxism has damaged a child’s teeth or made the jaw sore, the finest dentists in Greenville, SC—like Dr. Trey Kenna and his team at Downtown Dental—may prescribe a special mouth guard that’s specifically molded to a child’s teeth. If necessary, the dentist may recommend taking the child to a child psychiatrist to address his emotional distress.

Dentists in Greenville, SC Urge Oral Hygiene to Save on Healthcare

These enumerated illnesses are Americans’ top threats to their health. The numbers beside it are the average annual costs. Needless to say, having any of these physical conditions are not only burdensome on an individual’s health, but also on their finances. Did you know, however, that serious as these illnesses may be, sometimes they come from the most benign beginnings, such as lack of oral health care.

Many studies have already proven the link between gum disease and the rest of the disease empire. Plaque can get into the bloodstream and disrupt the flow of blood to and from the heart. In relation to this, the blockage can force the heart to work harder, putting strain to the body. Sugar left in the mouth can wreak havoc on blood sugar levels.

Finding Qualified Dentists in Greenville, SC, Amidst Costly Expenses

Much like general health, oral health is something that should never be taken for granted. As the article published by the Association of Health Care Journalists explains, residents, particularly the poor adults living in South Carolina, do not have access to quality, affordable dental care. Fortunately, their inability to enjoy appropriate dental treatments and procedures, without practically spending all of their savings, may soon come to an end, if the proposed Medicaid enhancements come to pass.