Pediatric Dentists in Greenville, SC on Teaching Toddlers to Brush

Teaching your kid to brush his teeth properly is one of the few things he needs to learn early about proper hygiene. Since toddlers like your kid do not really understand the importance of this habit, they will most likely resist brushing their teeth. To encourage kids to brush their teeth, pediatric dentists in Greenville, SC advice that it is necessary to make his early experiences as fun and enjoyable as possible.

You can start by incorporating brushing as a part of his daily routine. Make it a constant part of his daily activities so he’ll expect it during certain times of the day. If your kid is still uncomfortable with a toothbrush, you can use your fingers to brush his teeth. You can also skip toothpaste if he doesn’t like the taste, or buy a couple so he would have choices. Getting a toothpaste that has the ideal kiddie flavor might work as well.


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