Greenville, SC Dentists: A Few Reasons Why You Might Need Root Canal

A root canal is a dental procedure intended to save a tooth and prevent the spread of an infection. Also known as endodontic therapy, a root canal involves the removal of an infected nerve and pulp that surrounds a tooth by using a drill. It’s also done to seal up the tooth to avoid further harm. This procedure is often done on a cracked or broken tooth and to an enamel that has been infected due to severe dental decay.

Many dread the procedure because it is associated with pain. However a, root canal in Greenville, SC utilizes modern-day advancements to accomplish a painless procedure. Moreover, if you opt not to receive a root canal in spite of your dentist’s urging, you risk much more serious implications. There are reasons why you should not postpone this treatment. Read more on this article:


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