Three Common Procedures to Help in Teeth Whitening and Improving Smile



When your teeth have stains from drinking colored beverages or eating foods with pigments, such as chocolates and tomatoes, you can use teeth whitening services offered by a dentist in Greenville, SC. Teeth whitening helps improve the look of your smile by removing the stains that accumulate on your teeth’s enamel. Depending on the level of whiteness that you prefer to achieve, your dentist can recommend several different teeth whitening procedures.

Take-Home Trays

Many dentists offer customized trays that you can take home and apply to your teeth at any time that is convenient to you. The trays will be made just for you and come with a tube of a bleaching solution. It’s important that you follow the instructions given to you by your dentist to a tee. Usually, your dentist will tell you how to insert the gel into the tray and how to affix the tray to your teeth. Your dentist will also tell you how long to leave the tray in place. Read more on this article.


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