The Other Benefits of Teeth Whitening You Probably Don’t Know About

Everyone who’s had teeth whitening treatment know their smile is bigger and brighter. But beyond that, having teeth made more attractive because they are evenly white has other benefits you probably are not aware of.
Self-confidence is not something you put on like clothes. It’s an intangible quality but when your self-image gets a boost from having good-looking teeth, the effect you have on the people you meet is enhanced. They will see you as more friendly and capable, and one who can get along well with others. You will have more opportunities for higher-paying jobs and better relationships. Read more from this blog:


Some Whitening Benefits That Your Dentist Wants You To Know About

Over time, your pearly whites will lose its sparkling white color. Drinking tea, coffee and wine will do that to your teeth. The same thing happens as you eat. Your teeth get stained and before you know it, your teeth have become discolored. The good news is your teeth can still be restored to its natural, more pristine color. All you have to do is a book a teeth whitening appointment with your dentist.

Teeth whitening is a simple and pain-free procedure that can make any signs of food and drink stains readily disappear, leaving you with sparkling white teeth. You may not realize it, but having great pearly whites can do more for you than you ever thought possible. In fact, here are some surprising benefits that having your teeth whitened. Read more from this blog:

Things Your Dentist Wants You to Know About Your Wisdom Teeth Removal

When the time comes for you to have a wisdom teeth removal procedure, you’ll likely look to the professionals for advice on the matter. Reputable dentists will have completed hundreds of procedures before, and there are a few things they’ll want you to know before completing an extraction procedure.
So long as the tooth breaks through naturally and doesn’t cause you a problem, there’s no reason for it to be removed. Despite its small size, any kind of surgery comes with the risk of complications, so there’s no need to proceed with tooth removal if it’s not necessary. Read more from this blog:

How to Prepare and Recover Effectively From Your Wisdom Teeth Removal

Around 85% of the adult U.S. population have had a wisdom teeth removal procedure, so it’s not something you should be worried about. That being said, any kind of surgery should be managed carefully, so there are a few things you’ll need to do both before and after your procedure to ensure a speedy recovery.


Once you’ve agreed a date for the procedure with your dentist, they’ll discuss some options with you. Most people choose to have local anaesthetic, but you are free to discuss the option of general anaesthetic if you have a personal reason why this is necessary, such as if you have a low pain threshold. Read more from this blog:

Greenville, SC Dentist Identifies Best Candidates for Teeth Whitening



There are many factors that contribute to the discoloration of teeth. These include the consumption of acidic beverages (wines, colas, coffee), tobacco use, health problems, and even natural aging. When teeth get discolored, it’s only natural to want to restore them to their beautiful white color, and teeth whitening done by a trusted Greenville, SC dentist can be the dental procedure to make this happen. But is it the best option for your smile?

Who are the best candidates for teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is recommended for patients who have healthy teeth and gums, and practice good oral health regularly. Teeth whitening products contain bleaching chemicals, which can lead to gum irritation. Having healthy gums often mean you don’t have problems such as tender gums or receding gum line, which means you won’t be as sensitive to bleaching treatments as those that do. Read more from this blog

Greenville, SC Dentist Shares At-Home Teeth Whitening Side Effects


Many individuals use over-the counter, at-home teeth whitening products so they can whiten their teeth at their own leisure and convenience. These products are cheap and easily available, and that’s why they are extremely popular. Unfortunately, popularity doesn’t guarantee safety, and there are lots of harmful whitening products out there that can hurt consumers.

If you’re thinking about using at-home teeth whitening products, know what you’re getting into before jumping in. You only get one set of teeth your entire life, and damaging them today could result in lifelong oral problems that you most certainly don’t want to have. Here are some tips on how to treat some of the common side effects that result from at-home teeth whitening product use. Read more from this blog

Greenville Dentists Explain the Link between Gum and Heart Disease


Think bleeding gums are a minor problem? Think again. Plenty of studies suggest that there is a strong link between gum disease and heart disease. Gum disease, which Greenville dentists refer to as periodontitis, is when gums become infected by bacteria that leads to swollen, bleeding gums and eventual tooth loss. The same bacteria that destroys your gums and teeth can attack your heart.

How does this happen, you may ask?

Gum disease happens in the mouth, which has more to do with the liver and stomach than the heart. So how can the heart get affected? The idea is that if left untreated, the bacteria that causes gum disease will soon find its way in the bloodstream where they have a great chance of attaching to the fatty deposits in the heart’s blood vessels and deal significant damage. Read more from this blog