Root Canal: Necessary and Painless Procedure to Help Save a Tooth

A root canal may be the only thing that stands between losing and saving one of your teeth. If you have an infected or severely decayed tooth, a root canal can repair and save it. While the procedure had a reputation of being painful, modern dental technology and breakthroughs have made this a thing of the past. Dentists in Greenville, SC and elsewhere will explain the procedure and give you careful attention in comfortable surroundings to take the dread out.

A root canal is an endodontic treatment, which means the treatment takes place inside the tooth. With proper anesthesia and medication, the root canal procedure is painless and simple. It is done to clean out the roots of your damaged tooth and even reshape the canal if needed.


Seek Help from a Dentist on Finding the Right Solution for Tooth Loss

Patients can lose teeth for a wide variety of reasons, and studies show that practically everyone will lose at least one adult tooth in their lifetime. While many tend to think of tooth loss as a cosmetic issue, it can actually lead to a number of serious health issues when left untreated. This is why all patients should take some time to understand the oral health problems that can develop after a tooth is lost, as well as their treatment options.

Your Mouth After a Tooth Is Lost

Without the right treatment or tooth restoration, you will be putting your jaw, gums, and remaining natural teeth at risk. In addition to helping you eat and speak properly, teeth actually keep jaws healthy as well. The root of the tooth stimulates the jaw in order to keep it strong, and those that permanently lose a tooth often struggle with a loss in bone density.